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DSC has so much to offer - battles, monster groups, special events, and more! But the best part are the people. Such a diverse group of players from all over the world, novice to uber-expert, willing to help in anyway they can.
You can interact as a close-knit group while also having this great network of people and resources to do things no one guild can do!!

-    Amy Buhl Conn    -

Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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DSC members do not attack other DSC members period. More than one instance will get you kicked out of the clan, and chaining one will get you kicked out of the clan. Make plenty of DSC friends and invite them to your army to prevent this. You can prevent this by checking names and even keeps before attacking.


We don't have any problem with you doing player verses player. Chaining is hitting more than 5 times especially on more than one occasion. If you are chaining them EXPECT them to do it back to you when they can.


If you take a spot on a monster battle pull your weight. If you marked it for CTA assists (only with permission) let them know and hold your end up. Please try and limit your monsters at any time. You may see it as helping but if you are fighting 4 different monsters, are you truly helping anyone?


If you are in a monster battle you represent the entire clan. Get permission from the summoner to tap or tag in to a battle. And then be sure to come back and do your share of the damage.


Don't tire out your army by constantly summoning monsters. There is no actual benefit from summoning other than giving your army a target, but you need to remember how many monsters are out there needing your help when you summon.


6 If you never show up for any events or take part to assist whether in GW or slaying, you will be considered inactive and placed in the Welcome Back to DSC group.  Warriors have close ties to their Division and should try and help out with other DSC monsters when possible.


Sending out CTA's every hour or so on a monster when you are working it is acceptable. Remeber it gets lost in the feed before then. If you are working on a monster you NEED to do CTA's. The only exception is DSC event summons with no CTA's.


The only limited damage monsters in DSC are those summoned for acheivement events other than that you should always give it your best efforts.


Please remember whatever you do in Castle Age affects us all in name. Do not expect the clan to be your shield if you are the one chaining people repeatedly, or not properly defending/attacking in other monster battles.


Read and Aprroved by Guy Stevens Dragon Slayer Clan Founder and Commander


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Welcome to the DragonSlayerClan website


For DSC members:

Please use the link in the top right corner to sign in and access our ressources.
If you have not yet registered on this website, please follow the link to register / apply and contact your Division General so your account can be approved.

Not a DSC member but want to join us?

So you want to join one of the most respected Clan in the Castle Age universe? Here's how it works...

You need:

  • to read and understand our rules and guidelines;
  • know that DSC is a tagged clan, and all members are expected to tag (10 FP) when it is granted;
  • know that we have various levels of attendance (from casual to hardcore) but that there are always minimum attendance requirements;
  • know that we have probation period before you are granted the [DSC] tag;
  • fill out the application form below;
Probation period:
During this time you will be mentored in DSC ethics and behavior as well as watched for attendance levels. That period of probation may vary, but it will last for at least one month.
After that period, your Commanding Officer / Mentor willmake a recommendation for you to tag and put [DSC] in your CA name. Please note that it is mandatory for all our member to tag (cost 10 FP) and you will not be allowed to double tag (wear the tag of another clan).
You will be expected to know at least the information on this application as far as rules and clan guidelines on play and attendance.


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