Member's Testimonials

If you're looking for a close knit group, this is it.
If you're looking for a great bunch of friends that will support you both in and out of the game, this is it.
I've been in an exclusive "legendary" group and left to find friends that were less judgmental and easy going.
I couldn't be happier!

-    Tina Conrad    -

Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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DSC is one of the largest clan of the Castle Age universe, with over 500 members spread across the world.

It is organized in 6 Guilds, each led by a General and appointed Officers who ensure each and every member can meet its goals in the game. The Clan as a whole is led by Guy Stevens (Commander in Chief and Founder) and its Lt. Commanders: Dawn Michelle Shepley, Michaele O'Sullivan, Todd Stidom, Betty O'Brien Betts, Meg Lafon, Chris Barrett and Mat Lambert-Gorwyn

The Guilds

The 6 Guilds of DSC are:


[DSC] After Dark

Slogan: Defending Archangels of the Royal Kingdom

GM: Meg LaFon

Description: Guild formed as a pacific time / night owl or early asian guild. Casual fighting guild with slayers welcome as long as they participate in conquest portion of CA.

Guild Wars: Daily at 7pm PST. (3:00 am GMT, 10:00 am Singapore time)

Fest Wars: Daily at 8pm PST. (4:00 am GMT, 11:00 am Singaore time)








The Apocalypse D3

Slogan: The Reckoning is Upon You!


Description: A monster only hunting guild









Slogan: Chain Zul

GMl: Mat Lambert-gorwyn
Desription: D6 LEGIO ARMS is a dedicated and energetic division of the larger group that is DSC, we strive to be the best we can be and like to work hard and play harder.  We accept all, GW or monster slayer.

Guild Wars: 18:00 GMT +8
Fest Wars: 18:00 GMT +8







DSC7 Legio MMXII Draconis

Slogan: Share the blood, Share the thrills, Share the loot and Share the kills! All Hail [DSC]!!!

GM: Martyn Bates

Description: European base guild. Friendly guild with chat during wars.

Guild Wars: 5pm GMT

Fest Wars: 7pm GMT










[DSC] Dark Apocalypse

Slogan: Prepare for the Apocalypse!

GM: Betty O'Brien Betts

Description: originally formed by the most committed Guild Battle members of DARK and D3 APOCALYPSE, this Guild is for the most commited and disciplined Guild style players who want to have fun.

DA requires activity in either GW/FW or LOM monster hunting. Late night battles may occur on certain evenings.  All times are in EST

Fest Wars - Daily at 7 PM
Guild Wars - 
Mon - 9 AM, Tues 5:30 AM, 7:30 PM (for 3x coin), Wed - 6 PM, Thurs - 9 AM, Fri - 6 PM
Sat - 9 AM, Sunday 6 PM



The Special Brigades:

These Brigades are created for members who have met special requirements and have been granted the honor to wear a special tag next to their CA name.

div special eliteThe Elite Brigade:

There are 3 requirements to use the DSC Elite tag:

1) Currently Level 200 with a combined total of 1000 attack and defense stats. ORAny Level with a combined total of 1200 attack and defense stats.

2) Possession of all artifacts. These are the crystals you get from Boss quests up to Skaar, plus the completed Atlantis map.

3) You need a Net total of battle wins 10,000 or more. This means the number of total wins minus losses is equal to or greater than 10,000

If you meet these requirements you are invited to become a DSC Elite Tag wearer. This also means you have exceeded the requirements of the old school "Legends" group. This makes you the creme of the crop within the DSC and much of the CA world.





The Hunter Brigade:

Hunter Brigade's main role will be to coordinate the efforts of our heavy duty monster hunters to provide assistance on semi/critical battles where slots in the top tier are still empty, helping to ensure that no [DSC] monster flees unnecessarily. As a sideline, they will also form the focus for record-breaking attempts.

Admission to the Hunter Brigade will be based on warriors meeting certain minimum criteria, listed below. We are looking for dedicated monster hunters who can inflict massive damage and defence quickly to turn around an otherwise failing battle (which may require use of FPs for Energy/Stamina refills).

The minimum criterias are:
1) Able to summon all major bosses up to and including Alpha Mephistopheles (hint - make sure you have his orb in your keep!)
2) Energy = 400
3) Stamina = 400
4) Combined Attack & Defence = 1400 (min 400 in each)
5) Positive reference from your Division's General (we will approach them for this)




The Immortal Brigade:

There are no set requirements.

The Immortal Brigade are DSC's "troubleshooters," bearers of the {G} Tag. Drawn from the ranks of the most loyal DSC officers and warriors they act to resolve problems wherever and whenever they occur. This can involve negotiating with other clans/guilds or taking an errant DSC member to task where their actions have not been in accordance with our guidelines.

Part of the role of the Immortal Brigade is to be the clan's defenders. In most cases the situation is resolved through negotiation or mediation, but sometimes there is a need for non-talking action. The Guardians are expected to be willing to stand up for DSC and as such need to have decent stats for PvP, although few have the stats of the truly dedicated PvP crowd (after all, they wouldn't be in a monster hunting clan if they did!).

Competition to become Guardians is intense and applications are held periodically. Occasionally suitable warriors or officers may be co-opted into the Immortal Brigade between selections.


Category: Public Information

Welcome to the DragonSlayerClan website


For DSC members:

Please use the link in the top right corner to sign in and access our ressources.
If you have not yet registered on this website, please follow the link to register / apply and contact your Division General so your account can be approved.

Not a DSC member but want to join us?

So you want to join one of the most respected Clan in the Castle Age universe? Here's how it works...

You need:

  • to read and understand our rules and guidelines;
  • know that DSC is a tagged clan, and all members are expected to tag (10 FP) when it is granted;
  • know that we have various levels of attendance (from casual to hardcore) but that there are always minimum attendance requirements;
  • know that we have probation period before you are granted the [DSC] tag;
  • fill out the application form below;
Probation period:
During this time you will be mentored in DSC ethics and behavior as well as watched for attendance levels. That period of probation may vary, but it will last for at least one month.
After that period, your Commanding Officer / Mentor willmake a recommendation for you to tag and put [DSC] in your CA name. Please note that it is mandatory for all our member to tag (cost 10 FP) and you will not be allowed to double tag (wear the tag of another clan).
You will be expected to know at least the information on this application as far as rules and clan guidelines on play and attendance.


To fill out the application form, click on the link below:

>>> Register Here <<<

You will need your Unique Facebook ID to register. To find yours, read the article below:

Finding your FBID

Enter your login information below to be granted access in the DSC den :)

If you do not have your credentials, you can learn more about DSC in the "About DSC > Join DSC" menu, then fill the application form.