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The name first got my attention just under 2 years ago, I decided there and then I wanted in. Took me a while, but now there is no where else I would rather be!
Besides....... where else would you find a guild in CA that can boast it has a Closet as its dark little secret?

-    Kevin Murray    -

Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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There are 3 main class for all members of DSC, based on attendance in events and time spent playing in the game. These 3 classes are:

  • Warrior: the most active members, they participate in several events per months (sometimes bi-weekly)

To ensure that the clan, the divisions, brigade and companies works smoothly, selected members have also been promoted to the rank of Officers. We can distinguish the following class of Officers:

  • Commander: this is the rank of the highest officer of DSC and the founder of the Clan.
  • Lieutenant Commander: this is the rank of the right arms of the Commander.
  • General: leader of a division, they are in charge of all the members of their assigned division. Generals are responsible for assigning division members to their Brigade as needed for keeping the members evenly distributed. They should get up to 100 members and hold firm at that number through demotions/promotions.
  • Colonel: Colonels have about 50 warriors each in their Brigade. They need to learn every aspect of the General's job in keeping the clan happy, active, protected, and growing.
  • Lieutenant Colonel: Lieutenant Colonels have about 25 warriors assigned to their Battalion. They are responsible for summoning for all of them on assigned event days. They also need to help your Colonel as needed. They should train to have their own brigade in the future with them.
  • Captains: Captains have about 12 or so warriors assigned to their Company. They are responsible for summoning for all of them on assigned event days. They also need to help the Lt. Col. as needed. They should train to have their own Battalion in the future with them.

There also some special ranks, regardless of their assigned division, that create special groups within DSC. There are 3 groups and members of these groups often act as "consultants" regarding serious clan wide issues. The groups are:

  • Hunter:
  • Guardians:
  • Elite:

Category: Public Information

Welcome to the DragonSlayerClan website


For DSC members:

Please use the link in the top right corner to sign in and access our ressources.
If you have not yet registered on this website, please follow the link to register / apply and contact your Division General so your account can be approved.

Not a DSC member but want to join us?

So you want to join one of the most respected Clan in the Castle Age universe? Here's how it works...

You need:

  • to read and understand our rules and guidelines;
  • know that DSC is a tagged clan, and all members are expected to tag (10 FP) when it is granted;
  • know that we have various levels of attendance (from casual to hardcore) but that there are always minimum attendance requirements;
  • know that we have probation period before you are granted the [DSC] tag;
  • fill out the application form below;
Probation period:
During this time you will be mentored in DSC ethics and behavior as well as watched for attendance levels. That period of probation may vary, but it will last for at least one month.
After that period, your Commanding Officer / Mentor willmake a recommendation for you to tag and put [DSC] in your CA name. Please note that it is mandatory for all our member to tag (cost 10 FP) and you will not be allowed to double tag (wear the tag of another clan).
You will be expected to know at least the information on this application as far as rules and clan guidelines on play and attendance.


To fill out the application form, click on the link below:

>>> Register Here <<<

You will need your Unique Facebook ID to register. To find yours, read the article below:

Finding your FBID

Enter your login information below to be granted access in the DSC den :)

If you do not have your credentials, you can learn more about DSC in the "About DSC > Join DSC" menu, then fill the application form.