Monday, December 11, 2017
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How To Get Your Facebook User ID

Since facebook introduced the capability of using nicknames as shortcut to your profile, getting your own user ID or someone else's have become a bit difficult. There are shortcuts of digging through URLs to find which ID is yours. There are two choices to find out exactly what your facebook ID is.

Choice 1 - URL Manipulation

This is very easy for those who are comfortable with manipulating the URL. First step is to right click on your facebook profile image and choose "Copy Image URL" link. Look at the screenshot below for example.


Paste the link in a notepad. You would have received a link something like this.

The emphasized numbers in the link is your profile ID. Ignore the rest and copy only that series of numbers and paste it in the facebook ID field.

Choice 2 - Using An Application

If you are uncomfortable with manipulating URL as choice 1 explained, you can use a simple application that will get your facebook ID for you.

This application requires permission to access your profile.

Once the application is allowed, accessing the application will display your ID automatically. Pretty straight forward.

FB User ID

If you want to go further and find your friends' user IDs, click the link next to "Looking for the IDs of your friends?" text. See screenshot for location of the link.

FB Friends ID Link


You will be shown a list of all your friends and their user IDs. You can scroll through or search for the friend's ID you are after.

FB Friends List

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